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How Domestic Abusers Weaponize the Courts

Virtual Parental Visitation Could Have Unintended Consequences for Abuse Survivors 

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Did Storming Area 51 Teach Us Anything?

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Stalked for 11 Years: One Woman's Fight for Freedom From an Abusive Ex-Boyfriend


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2019 Most Influential: Caitlin Long profile

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It's Not That Weird To Be an Adult Who Loves Hyper-Realistic Baby Dolls

Adult Content Creators Say ImLive's Practices Are Secretive and Unfair

Facing Social Media Crackdowns Amid the Pandemic, German Sex Workers Worry For Their Futures

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Al Roker Just Got Back From Greenland, and He's Horrified by What He Saw There

See Which Cities Are Doing the Most to Fight Back Against Restrictive Abortion Laws


Skin in the Game: Uncovering the Adult Industry's Crypto Fetish

The U.K. Is Planning a "Porn Block." Here's What That Actually Means

How CryptoPunks' Creators Charmed the Art World and Paved the Way for Blockchain Art

Here's the Dark Enlightenment Explainer You Never Wanted

Meet the Money Burners

How the SPLC, a Congressman, and a Cybersecurity Expert Track the Alt-Right's Bitcoin Wallets

Max Keiser Is Tearing Up Money, Influencing the Kremlin, and on the Move

Police Called to Remove Inflatable Bitcoin Rat Staring at the Federal Reserve Bank



The War on Drugs Failed. It's Time for a War on Abuse. (Op Ed)

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For Better and For Worse, the 'Playboy Magazine' of the '70s Helped Shape the America of Today

The Online Support Groups for Former Inmates and Their Loves Ones

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Inside New York's Underground Lap Dance Parties


I Went to the First Live Auction for Rare Pepes on the Blockchain

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People Who Own Cryptocurrency Are Getting Slammed With More Taxes Than They Expected


Prepper Fertility: Family Planning Takes on a Whole New Meaning

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Grandma Cookies: Getting Creative With This Season's 'Low Grade' Maple Syrup

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Ballet Companies Throughout the U.S. Reimagine "The Nutcracker"


Rom Coms from the Early 2000s Are Unwatchable—Yet I Can't Stop Watching Them

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11 Insults Every Jewish Woman Should Know

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How Putting Money in Ethereum Helped With My Moving Costs

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Alphabet Will Not Share YouTube's Revenue With the SEC

YouTube's Original Content Budget Could Grow to Be Netflix-Sized...Someday

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Todd Goldman "Never Grows Up": Boys R Still Stupid, Still Throw Rocks At Them

The Met Opera's Apolitical "Whipped Cream" Exposes the Anxiety of Joy

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